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DTX Studio™ Clinic

With DTX Studio Clinic, we put you and your patients at the center. Simplifying the interaction with your patient scans and images. With each patient, at every visit, making each appointment more focused and valuable for everyone.

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DTX Studio Clinic is your ultimate dental imaging software, from diagnostics to treatments. It’s the one software you were looking for that does it all: X-rays, photos, 2D and 3D, extraoral and intraoral imaging formats. 

All your imaging in one place

For all your patients at every visit. All modalities instantly accessible on your screens, in all your practice rooms, on Windows® PC and Mac® - for you and your entire team.

Practice Management Systems

DTX Studio Clinic interlinks with many practice management system softwares, so patient identifier information only has to be entered once.

From diagnostics to treatments

DTX Studio Clinic allows for direct operation during all sessions, in front of your patient, from diagnostics to treatment to follow-up visits. It interconnects seamlessly to implant, collaborative and restorative workflows.

Unified. Simplified.

The DTX Studio™ Clinic software keeps all your 2D and 3D imaging data together for diagnostics, treatments and follow-ups. It simplifies image acquisition, is open for import and export, offering multi-room access on Windows® PC and Mac®. Unified diagnostic views through SmartLayout™ and the revolutionary SmartFocus™ reveal the entire 2D and 3D imaging history of the tooth instantly on your screen, simply by clicking on the tooth of interest. 


“The DTX Studio ecosystem has improved and streamlined my digital treatment approach. I was using 5 different software programs, now I only need one for all my digital imaging needs. DTX Studio Clinic makes my daily practice more efficient and I can communicate more effectively with my patients about their entire treatment plan.”


SmartFusion™ – directly combining the best of two worlds

The intelligent way of directly combining surface models from all intraoral and desktop scanners with any CBCT scan using proprietary voxel-based algorithms. Accurate information of surfaces and underlying anatomy in 3D.

SmartFocus™ – smooth tooth-by-tooth navigation

With SmartFocus, using tooth positions as your reference, browse across your various patient images from different devices and sessions with just one click.

Bookmark your findings

Bookmark what is of special interest in any view. Clicking on a bookmark lets you jump back to the screen configuration that was active while making your annotation. This brings your professional workflow capturing findings to a new level and assists effectively with patient communication. 

Logged findings are exported into a comprehensive automatic report which includes a tooth chart overview, screenshots and additional diagnostic notes.


Delegate with ease through Scan Request

The Scan Request feature2 boosts the efficiency of your practice by offering automated scheduling and delegation of scan assignments and imaging tasks. It enables you to focus on the clinical tasks in your day-to-day work: to digitally request a new image acquisition or the automatic creation of a work list for the operator.


"DTX Studio Clinic lets me simply manage my intraoral images. With just one click I can see all images and the history of every single tooth, and 2D and 3D images on the same screen and viewer. DTX Studio suite is a perfect platform for a digitally oriented dentist."

Drag and drop 2D image import

Drag and drop 2D images, like DICOM, supported 2D image files and entire folders with different image types, directly into DTX Studio Clinic3. This allows you to effortlessly complete the visual patient file and maintain it in one place. Images are categorized and correct acquisition date is assigned.

Connecting your entire team

Sync data across the rooms within your practice. The DTX Studio Core application manages your imaging library in a central in-practice storage server connected within your local office network. 

DTX Studio Go

DTX Studio Go is an online platform, available on all computer and mobile devices that lets you download the software installers, manage installations and connect to other DTX Studio suite users. You can easily follow up on orders to any DTX Studio suite connection, like scan or TempShell requests.

Key features and benefits of DTX Studio Clinic

Have a look at all the smart functions of DTX Studio Clinic that help you with your diagnostics and treatments. 

  • SmartLayout

    12 viewers on the same screen

    The multimodality gallery, hosting up to 12 viewers in a single screen, all clustered by location and dynamically stored for the next follow-up. Acquire new X-rays or intraoral camera images directly out of this impressive overview page to keep focused at all times.

  • SmartFocus

    View images related to selected tooth number.

    Fast, precise and effortless navigation across all imaging modalities simply by clicking on the tooth of interest in a CBCT scan or on an intraoral X-Ray to focus on all information you have on file. Contextual images can be added in SmartLayout and are dynamically stored per site.

  • SmartFusion™

    Align CBCT with intraoral scan

    The intelligent way of combining surface models from all intraoral and desktop scanners with any CBCT scan using voxel-based algorithms.

  • TMJ

    Dedicated diagnostics view for TMJ

    All relevant insights for your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder analyses. Fast setup and full dynamic control in all axes, at any time.

  • Spotlight

    Reveal and present details

    View all 2D and 3D images under the magnification glass simply by pressing ‘S’ on your keyboard or selecting the functionality in the menu. Press ‘+’ or ‘-’ when Spotlight is activated to magnify or zoom out in the spotlighted view.

  • Direct capture

    Acquire images from 2D and 3D devices

    Efficient imaging workflows using the same workflow for all modalities. Start the acquisition directly from your practice management system.

  • Open import

    Freedom to import all your images

    DTX Studio Clinic is fully open for input of all supported file formats. Patient specific 2D content can be added simply by drag-and-drop (files or entirely mixed folders). All other content can be imported through respective wizards.

  • Open export

    Freedom to export all your images

    DTX Studio Clinic is fully open for output of all supported file formats. All patient specific content can be exported through respective wizards.

  • 2D Drag and drop

    Ease of import

    Drag and drop 2D images directly into DTX Studio Clinic (DICOM, supported 2D image files). Files, selection of files, or folder import supported. Images can be categorized, and acquisition date can be changed.

  • Bookmark findings

    Efficiency of follow-up

    Bookmark images of special interest in any view. Export to an automatic report including a tooth chart overview, screenshots and additional diagnostic notes.

  • Scan request

    Digital delegation to your staff

    The Scan request feature offers automated scheduling and delegation of scan assignments and imaging tasks. It enables you to focus on the clinical tasks in your day-to-day work: to digitally request a new image acquisition or the automatic creation of a work list for the operator.

  • GoShare™

    Encrypted data sharing

    GoShare allows for anonymized, HIPAA enabled sending of patient data to labs, referrals, specialist or other dentists. A referral license of DTX Studio Clinic, used for viewing the entire patient records, is available free of charge.

  • DTX Studio Core sync

    Your imaging data where you need it

    All your imaging data available locally in your practice room, synchronized instantly within the entire practice to ensure continuity of care and access at all times for all members of the team.

  • SmartReport™

    All your findings in one report

    General overview of information and automatic collection and assembly of all your findings in a document file. Here you can refine, edit, convert to .pdf and share with your professional partners, be it insurance companies or other authorized healthcare providers. Saving time for everyone and staying accurate.

  • Migration from KaVo Imaging software

    Database conversion and migration services

    From KaVo Imaging and third-party software databases. This allows you to keep building on the evidence collected over the years, now with one single software: DTX Studio Clinic. Some solutions allow for simultaneous use of KaVo Imaging software with DTX Studio Clinic.

  • Imaging device connectivity

    Simplify and centralize your image capturing

    Standardize your clinical workflow having all images in one place. Available in all rooms in your practice, on both Windows® PC and Mac®. Click to see the compatibility matrix to search for your device or contact us for more information.

  • Integration with practice management system software

    Easy access and full viewing

    Access and manage the same visual patient file no matter which practice room you are in and easily link it to your practice management system software. The link can be configured to open the patient file either in the thumbnail preview view or in the diagnostic view. Click here to see an overview of the various linked practice management systems.

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  1. Supported TWAIN USB or Ethernet devices (intraoral x-rays or cameras, extraoral panoramic or cephalometric images or photos).
  2. The possibility to delegate the acquisition of 2D, 3D or any other images to the operator within your clinic.
  3. Feature available in DTX Studio Clinic 1.7.5 and higher.