Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the DTX Studio software suite?

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DTX Studio™ Clinic

How can DTX Studio Clinic help me with patient case acceptance? 

Inform and impress your patients chairside with insightful visuals of their clinical situation and treatment options. Using the same information you gathered for your own understanding, you can instantly communicate with your patients, creating further confidence and trust in your skills. Understanding their individual needs and treatment plan also leads to a higher case acceptance by the patient. 

How can DTX Studio Clinic save my dental practice time and money? 

DTX Studio Clinic is the one comprehensive diagnostic software that allows you to focus more on patient care, and not waste time searching for different images in different places. DTX Studio Clinic improves the workflow for clinicians by saving time and reducing the number of steps. Additionally, you can digitally delegate the scanning task or entire standardized protocols to the staff within your practice.  

How can DTX Studio Clinic help grow my practice? 

DTX Studio Clinic’s modular approach can be configured to suit your practice’s needs, enabling an expansion of services as your practice grows. 

Why should I start using the DTX Studio imaging software?  

DTX Studio suite is your truly open dental care software platform that leverages Assisted Intelligence to improve clinical confidence and simplify every visit. From image collection and diagnosis, through treatment planning and delivery - DTX Studio suite improves patient understanding and acceptance, enabling better healthcare and optimizing your practice. 

With DTX Studio Clinic, we put you and your patients at the center. For all your patients at every visit. All modalities are instantly accessible on your screens, in all your practice rooms, on Windows® PC and Mac® - for you and your entire team. 

It’s the one software you were looking for that does it all: X-rays, photos, 2D and 3D, extraoral and intraoral imaging formats.  

DTX Studio Clinic allows for direct operation during all sessions, in front of your patient, from diagnostics to treatment to follow-up visits. It interconnects seamlessly to implant, collaborative and restorative workflows. 

How do I get started with DTX Studio Clinic in my practice?  

Book a demo with one of our DTX Studio Clinic software specialist to discuss the solution best to your setup and needs. 

What support is available with DTX Studio Clinic? 

We support our customers with various technical and clinical training teams available on the phone, via email or even in the field. Contacts for support are provided to our customers in DTX Studio Go under “Need help?”. We support following languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian, German or Portuguese. 

We also offer a library of helpful training videos all of which are searchable by keyword. 

What Practice Management System software is DTX Studio Clinic compatible with? 

DTX Studio Clinic interlinks with many practice management system software, so the patient identifier information only has to be entered once. See overview of the various linked practice management systems here. List might be incomplete, contact your practice management software provider to verify whether link already exists.  

What imaging devices is DTX Studio Clinic compatible with? 

DTX Studio Clinic is an open system. It directly powers a variety of imaging devices and can let you capture directly using DTX Studio Clinic. In addition, DTX Studio Clinic lets you direct open, import, export, and manage all industry-standard imaging file formats in one single application. Book a consultation with one of our DTX Studio Clinic software specialist for a consultation about your needs. 

What are the minimum system requirements to use DTX Studio Clinic? 

DTX Studio Clinic works natively on Apple Mac® or Windows® PC operating systems, for all rooms in your practice and your entire team. Book a consultation with one of our DTX Studio Clinic software specialist to discuss options for your computers in your practice. 

What are the upfront and recurring costs associated with DTX Studio Clinic Active licenses? 

There are no upfront costs to get DTX Studio Clinic Active license. You may be interested in additional services we offer – installation of the software on workstations and server in your practice, conversion of your previous database to DTX Studio Clinic database, online or onsite training or other technical services which can be subject to charges. Book a consultation with one of our DTX Studio Clinic software specialist to discuss additional details. 

When can I cancel my monthly plan? 

Your enrolment in a monthly plan comes with a yearly commitment. You may cancel for free at any time during your billing cycle , and you’ll retain full access to that plan until the end of the billing cycle. 

Will my contact information and data be sold to other companies? 

No. We do not sell your contact information to other companies. We’ll email you about product and company updates, but you can opt-out anytime. For additional info, do not hesitate to check our company privacy policy.