Freehand surgery with real-time 3D guidance of your drills and implants. Now with X-Mark®, the virtual registration protocol.

X-Guide - like a GPS for your drills and implants

Interactive, turn-by-turn guidance gives you the ability to improve every movement of your handpiece for more exact implant placement.

Clinically proven: significantly improved accuracy when compared to freehand implant placement1,2

3-4 times more accurate compared to other dynamic systems tested in models3

Allows direct visualization of the surgical site at all times even in patients with limited mouth opening2


X-Mark - your diagnostic scan becomes your navigated plan

With X-Mark, you can use X-Guide without any reference points in the CBCT scan

Same-day guided surgery

Scan your patient, plan treatment, and perform surgery in just one single visit. Dynamic surgery offers the benefits of guided surgery without the need for surgical templates.

X-Mark virtual registration protocol

X-Mark facilitates virtual-based registration of the patient’s anatomy to your digital treatment plan. You can utilize a consultation CBCT without any CBCT markers (i.e. X-Clip).

Dynamically adapt your surgery

Treatment plan can be modified at any time during surgery.

Supports your ergonomic position

Help release tension on the back by standing or sitting upright during dynamic navigation.

Designed to control your dental implant surgeries

Features a 360-degree single-view of drill position and anatomy during surgery.

"X-Mark is a real game changer, from planning to execution. I can immediately position and load the implant the same day as the CBCT, it improves my working schedule, and makes the patient experience more comfortable, faster and less invasive. Since the introduction of X-Mark, I place 100% of my implants using X-Guide!"

DTX Studio™ suite

The single dental software suite powers your patient visits, every time, for every patient. From diagnostics, to treatments to collaboration and follow-up. For your entire team, for your patients.

DTX Studio suite brings your implant treatments to a whole new level

DTX Studio suite not only helps you acquire and consolidate diagnostic data in your practice, but also enables you to bring your implant treatments to a whole new level by reducing workflow steps and deciding where to place your implant. Empowering your X-Guide, empowering you.

Scan with DTX Studio Clinic

Plan your treatment in DTX Studio Implant and easily export it to X-Guide

Choose your implant from the library of the most common implants available in the market for accurate planning in DTX Studio Implant

Perform edentulous cases with X-Guide

  1. Scan and plan
  2. Attach patient tracker using EDX hardware
  3. Virtually register the patient with X-Mark
  4. Perform navigated surgery

Tracker arm designed to clear the lip and provide retraction

Special bone-screw design — flapped or flapless procedures

Secure and stable attachment with two screws

Patient tracker remains out of the way during surgery

Navigate a wide range of cases including terminal dentition, full-arch, and dual full-arch cases


Product highlights

X-Guide is a dynamic 3D navigation system that delivers real-time interactive guidance of drill position during surgery, giving you the ability to improve the precision and accuracy of implant POSITION, ANGLE and DEPTH.

Optical tracking patterns

The patented tracking pattern parts are a key to tracking reliability, accuracy and speed. 300 X-Corners continuously communicate real-time location of the anatomy and surgical instruments during navigation. All pattern parts can be autoclaved for sterilization and efficiency.

X-Point technology

Patented X-Point technology displays position, angle, and depth on a single target. This makes it easy to look at the screen and concentrate on one dynamic focus point to assist in precisely guiding the surgical implant.

Blue-OptiX technology

X-Guide filters out light interferences (i.e. surgical lights) to ensure tracking consistency during navigation. No radiation. No distracting white light interference.

Cart on wheels for room-to-room flexibility

Due to its small footprint and flexible arm, the X-Guide can fit into almost all surgical rooms.

"With DTX Studio suite, I can seamlessly develop a treatment plan, plan for the ideal implant placement every time, and then export it to my X-Guide to perform a dynamically navigated implant surgery for optimized results."


Questions about X-Guide?

If you would like additional information, more details, or have specific questions about X-Guide, click the link below.

Turn learning into achieving with DTX Studio Education.


See Instructions For Use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

  1. Note: There is a learning curve to achieve full proficiency. Block MS, Emery RW, Lank K, et al. Implant placement accuracy using dynamic navigation. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2017;32(1):92-99. 
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