Connecting treatments
from beginning to end

Introducing DTX Studio™ suite, a single digital platform that empowers you

Meet DTX Studio suite

Capture patient data

One software to acquire and visualize all imaging data. DTX Studio suite connects the devices and technologies in your dental practice or lab – in one single platform.

Diagnose, plan and design

DTX Studio suite adapts specifically to you. Choose the software modules to support the treatment solution that best fit your needs and practice setup. Experience the power of straightforward treatment team collaboration.

DTX Studio Clinic: Image acquisition and diagnostic functionality
DTX Studio Implant: Implant planning
DTX Studio design: Prosthetic design


With DTX Studio suite, it‘s simple to connect with your trusted production source and supports your preferred surgical protocols.

DTX Studio suite empowers you

Designed for individual needs

The workflow you go for depends entirely on your practice setup, preferences and your patient’s needs. Choose for example to create a prosthetically driven implant planning process combining (CB)CT data with intraoral information, or go for a workflow supported by DTX Studio suite to deliver a screw-retained provisional on the day of surgery.

Differentiate and support your workflow efficiency

The suite not only connects the patient and treatment-related data; it also connects your entire treatment team - from the dental practice to the dental lab. All can access and use the single software solution from anywhere*, available on both Mac®** and PC.

*As allowed by your market regulation ** DTX Studio Lab only for PC

DTX Studio Clinic

All imaging sources in one place and clever diagnostic workflows

Acquire and display all imaging data (from 2D to 3D X-ray and surface data) in your practice with one software only. It allows you to seamlessly proceed to diagnostic workflows or to connect to your treatment partners.

DTX Studio Implant

Powerful implant treatment planning

Plan implants for major implant systems according to patient’s anatomy and prosthetic requirements during the first visit. Turn the plan into reality by using a surgical template or 3D navigated implant surgery.

DTX Studio design

Open design workflows for maximum business impact

The software is open for main intraoral and desktop scanners input, and it enables you to produce in-house or connect to industrial production. It promotes workflows that bring you and clinicians together from treatment planning to final restoration.

Connecting devices

DTX Studio suite connects or visualizes all your imaging devices in one single platform.

Your treatment team can access and use the single software solution from anywhere*, available on both Mac®** and PC, also on mobile.

Choose the software modules that best support your practice setup and needs.

*As allowed by your market regulation ** DTX Studio Lab only for PC.


2D and 3D imaging units

KaVo cone beam 3D imaging and panoramic X-ray units are seamlessly connected in DTX Studio Clinic. Automatically scheduled scan assignments can directly be executed from a mobile device next to the unit. As an open platform, you can import imaging data from other devices too.

Intraoral X-ray imaging

DTX Studio Clinic connects KaVo and other intraoral X-ray machines, imaging plate systems & X-ray sensors.

Intraoral cameras and caries detection devices

Integrate more diagnostic images with your KaVo or other intraoral camera, as well as caries detection devices. All imaging sources can be displayed together in one view.

Intraoral and desktop scanners

Seamlessly integrate the LS 3 desktop scanner and import from any other desktop or intraoral scanner of choice*.

* That can export scan files in .stl or .ply format


3D printing and milling devices

Gain production flexibility and choose fast in-house production for cemented restorations, provisionals, models and surgical templates or easily access industrial production.

DTX Studio design has a unique connection to NobelProcera restorations and authentic components for Nobel Biocare implants.

3D navigation implant insertion

DTX Studio Implant has a direct connection for same-day guided surgery. X-Guide ™ allows you to perform free-hand surgery with real-time 3D guidance for your drills and implants. With DTX Studio suite it facilitates more same-day diagnostic and treatment sessions.